VERJEN Verjen is not a brand name, it is a symbol of health that tries to promote the culture of correct use of extra virgin oils with the aim of maximizing the nutritional value of natural plant seeds and ensuring the health of society. The taste and aroma of Iranian food is doubled with vegetable […]


MacVan Macvan is the first Iranian granite sink in the standard size of 116 x 50 cm and with a deeper basin, which is designed according to the needs of the Iranian consumer. The variety of colors in this product can complement the beauty of your kitchen and its unique features also show the good […]


KASRA Kasra company started its activity in the field of importing construction sanitary equipment from 1367 & after years of effort & gaining valuable experience in this industry, it established the Kasra sanitary faucet factory in 1381. From the very beginning, the customer-oriented attitude governing the group’s activities has made customer satisfaction, product quality improvement, […]


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Easy Pipe Industrial Group produces 5-layer pipes, fractional faucets, and Mac Van granite sinks

Alborz Sanat

Alborz Sanat Company has taken steps in two fields of business and technical and engineering. Its achievement is practical and localized products for the Iranian market. The product portfolio of Alborz Sanat Mabna Group includes the following items, which are divided into 1032 items, and our experts are responsible for guiding and providing advice to our dear friends so that they can use a product that suits their needs.

Easy Pipe Group

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Easy Pipe Group is one of the first and largest producers of five-layer polymer pipes, all kinds of brass fittings, collectors, as well as valves in different sizes, for use in water supply and all kinds of heating and cooling systems, quality products in Iran.