Verjen is not a brand name, it is a symbol of health that tries to promote the culture of correct use of extra virgin oils with the aim of maximizing the nutritional value of natural plant seeds and ensuring the health of society.

The taste and aroma of Iranian food is doubled with vegetable oils, and the correct culture of consumption prevents the occurrence of diseases.
In 2007, Golestan Abkar Agriculture Company combined the traditional methods of extracting oil from high-quality plant seeds with the best sanitary techniques (cold press) in 2007 to offer extra virgin oils at the national level for the first time. The name of the verjen is derived from Virgin, which means virgin and pure, and the word Abkar is the plural form of Becker.

Due to the experience of the managers, the existence of expert forces and the company’s equipment with agricultural machinery and tools, all stages of agriculture, production, packaging and distribution are carried out completely self-sufficiently by the group, and it can be said that label production is only one stage of the packaging process that the company It depends on forces outside the complex.

The term “vegetable oil youth” became common in Iranian culture when industrial oils were widely distributed in the Iranian market and people believed that old people who fed on virgin and non-industrial oils were better than young people who fed on industrial oils. They have more strength, health and resistance. Maybe this term seems a little exaggerated, but it is not far from the truth.

Verjen Logo for Oil production Branding

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